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Sermons have been recorded. The ones listed below may be heard by clicking on the title on the following list. Normal clicking will open the file to play in your media player (This may be slow depending on the speed of your link). Alternatively you can right click and "Save as" a file in your computer for later listening.




Audio MP3 file size

27 Dec 2009 Darryn Hickling Wisdom can be learnt and taught 2.2Mb
25 Dec 2009 Jason Kioa Christmas -The Greatest Day for the World! 1.3Mb
20 Dec 2009 Jason Kioa Response with Care 1.6Mb
13 Dec 2009 Darryn Hickling John the Baptist-Proclaiming the Values of God 1.9Mb
6 Dec 2009 Jason Kioa Preparing for Christmas 2.0Mb
29 Nov 2009 Jason Kioa Be Aware of God's Presence 2.2Mb
22 Nov 2009 Julie Ramsay The Rainbow of Hope and Peace (edited version) 1.5Mb
15 Nov 2009 Jason Kioa Can we read the signs on the wall? 2.4Mb
8 Nov 2009 Jason Kioa Responding out of Poverty 2.0Mb
1 Nov 2009 Darryn Hickling What really matters? 1.7Mb
25 Oct 2009 Joe Rankin Finding God in every situation 1.9 Mb
18 Oct 2009 Joe Rankin The Disciples miss the point 2.7Mb
11 Oct 2009 Darryn Hickling There is more to life than this! 2.1Mb
4 Oct 2009 Jenny Ellis What would Christ have us do? 1.9Mb
27 Sep 2009 Jason Kioa Sermon on Social Justice Sunday 2.7Mb
20 Sep 2009 Joe Rankin New Ways of Assessing the Whole of Life 2.2Mb
13 Sep 2009 Darryn Hickling Identity and Action: Who do you say that I am? 2.4Mb
30 Aug 2009 Joe Rankin What is the Pharisee within Us? 2.8Mb
23 Aug 2009 Lucas Taylor Sermon 2.1Mb
16 Aug 2009 Peter Batten The Life of Christian is a Journey of Intent 3.7Mb
9 Aug 2009 Darryn Hickling Watch What God Does 1.9Mb
2 Aug 2009 Jason Kioa Reading the Signs 2.1Mb
26 Jul 2009 Darryn Hickling How to Use Power 2.1Mb
19 Jul 2009 Darryn Hickling Rest and Refreshment 1.5Mb
12 July 2009 Charles Sundaresan The Danger of Power 1.7Mb
5 Jul 2009 Charles Sundaresan Travelling Light 1.8Mb
28 Jun 2009 Charles Sundaresan Challenges to our Faith in Desperate Times 1.8Mb
14 Jun 2009 Bishop John Bayton Learning by Revelation 3.6Mb
7 Jun 2009 Darryn Hickling The Meaning of Life 2.3Mb
31 May 2009 Charles Sundaresan Sermon on Pentecost 1.1Mb
24 May 2009 Krissy Veerhuis My Work as a School Chaplain 2.0Mb
17 May 2009 Darryn Hickling God is Love 2.0Mb
10 May 2009 Darryn Hickling Pruning the Vine 1.9Mb
3 May 2009 Charles Sundaresan The Good Shepherd 0.7Mb
26 Apr 2009 Coral Davies Sermon on David & Goliath 2.4Mb
19 Apr 2009 Joe Rankin Into the Future Not Seeing but Believing 1.6Mb
12 April 2009 Darryn Hickling Sermon on Easter Day 1.7Mb
10 Apr 2009 Joe Rankin Sermon on Good Friday 1.2Mb
5 Apr 2009 Joe Rankin The Way to the Cross 1.9Mb
29 Mar 2009 Peter Batten What is The Cross All About? 2.7Mb
22 Mar 2009 Darryn Hickling Baptism is a Path to Discipleship 1.3Mb
15 Mar 2009 Joe Rankin The Wisdom of God 2.0Mb
8 Mar 2009 Darryn Hickling Discipleship Can Be Tough 1.8Mb
1 Mar 2009 Joe Rankin Sermon on the Wilderness Journey 2.0 Mb
22 Feb 2009 Joe Rankin Sermon on the Transfiguration 2.1Mb
15 Feb 2009 Darryn Hickling Purity Versus Compassion 2.3Mb
8 Feb 2009 Darryn Hickling & Volunteers Torquay Beach Mission & NCYC Reports 2.4Mb
1 Feb 2009 Joe Rankin Who has Authority? 2.1Mb
25 Jan 2009 Joe Rankin/Mary Whincup/Megan Coote Discipleship Stories 3.3Mb
18 Jan 2009 Joe Rankin Are you listening? 2.4Mb
11 Jan 2009 Joe Rankin Sermon on Baptism 2.1Mb
4 Jan 2009 Joe Rankin The Word becoming flesh 2.6Mb

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