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The Ministry Team at Pilgrim Uniting Church includes every member plus the special leadership of:  

Rev Jason Kioa - Minister and Ministry Team Leader
Tel  (03) 98483599  Mobile 0400 331 805

David Small - Church Office Administration Secretary
 & Worship Leader in Aged Care Centres

Tue 9.00am - 2.00 pm & Fri 12.30pm-5.30pm
Office Tel  (03) 9848 4685

Home Tel (03) 9858 2095

- see more details of Jason's life See the Sermon spoken by David Small at Pilgrim on Sunday 5 August 2000 during the act of Reaffirmation of Baptism.'

Megan Coote - Pastoral Care Worker & Ministry Coordinator at the Grove
Home Tel (03) 9842 3330
Mobile 0417 558 376



 A large number of members are involved in the team in special activities. A list can be viewed by clicking here.

  Ministry Team Values @Pilgrim Uniting Church

We will strive to live out our Christian values in the way we relate to one another and undertake our ministry.

As a Ministry Team we value:

 Mutual Care.  We will be attentive to one another and intentional about supporting, respecting, encouraging and forgiving one another.  We will be a team.  We will do our best to help each other excel in ministry and grow as whole persons.

Open Honesty.  We will speak the truth in love.  We will not sweep things under the carpet.  We will honour our differences, listen to one another, be influenced by one another and build one another up.

 Positive Attitudes.  We will aim at excellent communication.  We will shun negative talking and thinking.  We will choose to affirm, encourage and smile. We will speak well of one another and believe God for good things among us.  We will have FUN!

 Bold Faith.  We embrace mission-driven risk and expect people to learn from failure.  We will foster each other’s passion for Christ.

 Healthy Improvement.  We will celebrate our advances and successes.  At the same time we will foster a healthy dissatisfaction with the way things are and will always strive for better.  We will applaud working smarter (not longer hours) and encourage one another to maintain wise work habits.

 Developing Others.  We will build into the lives of others and share the work of ministry.  We will empower those around us and multiply the impact of our efforts.

(Prepared June 2003 by Mark Dunn and our Ministry Team after we attended ‘TeamsWork Conference’ at Blackburn North Baptist Church, May 2003: Revisted and slightly revised April 2005)


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