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The Elders Fellowship meets four times a year, to consider matters of spiritual concern in the congregation, and for faith sharing.

The membership in 2011 is: Frank Mason (Convenor), Jon Martin (Secretary), Rex Anderson, Cath Barnard, Elaine Bromley, Natalie Brown, Ian Coleman, Graham Cox, Geoff Ellis, Susan Ferres, Graham Field, Margaret Graham, Ruth Jensz, Simon Jung, Elvina Kioa, Zoe McLachlan, Jill Parkinson, Dimity Paul, Mandi Perrett, Gwyn Roberts, David Small, Barbara Sutherland, Carolyn Vimpani, Jenny Westaway, Mary Whincup and Betty Witt, with Rev. Jason Kioa also a member of the Fellowship.



The role of elders is to assist the minister(s), in such roles as preparing and assisting in the serving of Communion, attending the minister in the Vestry.

They also have a general concern for the pastoral health of the congregation.

Some duties are specific to the eldership  e.g. at least half of the Church Council must be Elders. The representatives for 2011 are Cath Barnard, Elaine Bromley, Natalie Brown, Ian Coleman, Graham Cox, Zoe McLachlan, Jill Parkinson, Mandi Perrett, and Carolyn Vimpani.

Elders are committed Christians who are active in the Congregation  They serve on most Church committees and participate in most congregational activities.



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